Bamboo Paddle Wood Picks (Kanto Picks)


Bamboo Paddle Wood Kanto(關東煮) Picks

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Bamboo Paddle Wood Kanto(關東煮) Picks, Toothpicks for Appetizers, Cocktail Picks for Drinks, Food Picks, BBQ, Sandwich, Barbecue Snacks.The bamboo skin layer is the toughest part of the fiber in the whole bamboo. Our food picks use this as a raw material to increase the strength and make the product more widely applicable.

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7cm(1600pcs), 9cm(1000pcs), 12cm(1000pcs), 13cm(1000pcs), 15cm(1000pcs), 16cm(1000pcs), 18cm(1000pcs), 20cm(1000pcs), 25cm(800pcs), 28cm(400pcs), 30cm(400pcs)


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