Compostable PLA Bendable Black Straws (Pack of 10K)


Individual Wrapped Eco-friendly disposable straws made with PLA materials. Not for hot drinks (45℃)  (100 pcs per bag 100 bag per carton = Pack of 10k)

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PLA and PBAT have become mainstream products in the degradable plastics industry due to their excellent performance, mature production technology, and high degree of industrialisation, with broad development prospects.

The PLA material comes from natural corn, cassava and other starch raw materials without toxins and harmless to the natural environment. The natural environmentally friendly material will naturally decompose into organic matter and return to nature within 180 days.

Individual Wrapped Eco-friendly disposable straws made with compostable PLA materials.  Food-safe doesn’t bleed it’s the ideal straws to pop into your cup of soft drinks or juice.

Not for hot drinks (45℃)

6 x 210mm Bendable

100 pieces per pack, 100 packs per cases.


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Dimensions 0.6 × 21 cm



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