Single Layer White paper hot cup (2000 pcs)


Disposable Single Wall Hot Cups.
8/12/16 oz lid sold separately.

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Disposable Single Layer White Hot Cups – Hot Coffee Tea Chocolate Drinks. Perfect To Go Paper Cup
Material: Biodegradable Natural Kraft Paper. Single-Wall White thick cup.
Model and Size: (Lid separate)
SLC-White-8OZ (Top 8 cm, Ht. 9.2 cm, Bottom 5.6 cm)
SLC-White-12OZ (Top 9 cm, Ht. 11 cm, Bottom 5.9 cm)
SLC-White-16OZ (Top 9 cm, Ht. 13.6 cm, Bottom 5.9 cm)

Black and White Lid for 8cm or 9cm size cup.
Lid cover for 8, 12 and 16 OZ cup.
2 sizes 8cm for 8OZ cup and 9cm for 12/16OZ cup
2 color black and white


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8OZ(2000 pcs), 12OZ(2000 pcs), 16OZ(2000 pcs), Black 8OZ Lids(1000 pcs), White 8OZ Lids(1000 pcs), Black 12/16OZ Lids(1000 pcs), White 12/16OZ Lids(1000 pcs)


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