Wheat Straw Drinking Straws Sustainable & Biodegradable


Wheat Straws Drinking Straws come in packs of 100 straws; not individual wrap.

Material Natural Wheat Straws

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Wheat Straws Drinking Straws come in a 100 packs of 100 straw, which are a perfect use for your daily drinks, such as juices, shakes, smoothies, and iced coffee. Do not contain any dyes/colors, are BPA-Free, and are 100% Plastic-Free. Wheat Straws can take only few days or weeks to degrade into the environment, without any harm to the natural life.

Because natural, rim diameter from 2-4mm, standard lengthen around 200mm. Suitable for soft drinks, ice tea/coffee. Not like paper, although comparatively brittle, but never melt in water or any acidic drinks.


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