USB Charging


Double Gang power faceplate
– Socket Outlet is rated at 250VAC, 13A.
– Dual USB Power Ports
– Input: 250VAC, 0.2A, 50Hz
– Output: 5.0VDC, 2.1A
– Applicable Standard: BS1363-2(UK Standard), CE & RoHS
– Outside Dimension: 87mm x 147mm
– Available in White colour
– One year warranty

USB Charger - Universal Adapter

Product Specification:
Power range: 150W
Single port USB
Universal AC input: 100~240V AC
Current limit: 12.5A max at 12~24V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 12~24V DC
Safety: CE Certificate
Weight: 550g

Nylon 3in1 USB Charging cable

Nylon Braided Universal 3 in 1 Multiple Ports Devices USB Charger Cord with Gold-Plated iOS/Type C/Micro USB Connectors for Phones Tablets (Charging Only)
Nylon braided cord+ Aluminum alloy casing+ Gold plated connectors = This super durable 3 in 1 cable.
Please use 5V/2A-2.4A output power sources, when charging multiple devices at once.
Total length 1.2 Meter

Pisen 3in1 Charging Cable

Pisen 3-in-1 Lightning Micro and Type C or iPad 30 Pin Data Sync Charging Cable
Lightning, Micro and Type C Cable
Can charge three devices at a time. Multi-person travel with only one line
High quality thick tinned copper core with low loss and stable transmission without hurting the devices.
Data transmission and charging function are provided, convenient and practical.
Total length 1.2 Meter